Why should you use an ETpedia resource?10 reasons to use Etpedia

We’ve asked ETpedia series editor John Hughes to give us 10 reasons you should use an ETpedia resource. The original ETpedia has 1000 tips for you, whilst each specialist book has 500 bite sized ideas for the topic. You can find out more about each resource here. 

1- ETpedia offers you ideas from both the authors and other teachers

The authors of the ETpedia books are each very experienced in their fields, whether it be teaching young learners or using technology. Each book is a collection of their ideas but also includes tips and activities from other teachers. There have even been ETpedia competitions for teachers to submit their advice to be included, so make sure you keep an eye out for those.

2- Each book offers you photocopiable activities

ETpedia books do not just contain useful information, they include the resources you need as well. Each resource has a comprehensive appendix containing photocopiable activities for you to use in the classroom. You also have access to many of these online once you purchase your copy. Examples include handouts and craft templates for young learners, checklists and forms for business English students and example worksheets to help materials writers.

3- It is not just a book for teachers, but teacher trainers as well

The tips and advice can also be valuable to teacher trainers. They can provide you with suggestions to support your teacher training plans, as well as provide you with recommendations to offer your trainee teachers.


4- You can dip in as needed

Books in the ETpedia series are not just a textbook to be read from end to end. They are designed to be easy to simply open up and use as needed, whether you are looking for advice about how to do something, ideas to create a lesson plan or an activity to support a certain topic. Units also often signpost you to another relevant page to give you even more related ideas.

5- They’ve had great reviews from teachers and won an award

Teachers love the ETpedia series!

“It saves hours of planning time and opens opportunities for variation, adaptation and even creating my own materials inspired by the ideas it offers.” - Ayat Al-Tawal, ELT Teacher, Egypt

“An excellent resource book and I would highly recommend it for both experienced teachers or anyone about to start their first job as a teacher.” – Dr Helen Emery, Cardiff School of Education, Cardiff Metropolitan University

Plus… we are even award winning! ETpedia Business English won the prestigious David Riley Award for Innovation in Business English and ESP in 2016. You can read more about it here.

6- Each topic is divided into 10

Each ETpedia resource uses the same format throughout, divided into units of 10. Each unit covers a topic, a method or a question. This means you will always be given 10 different suggestions for each topic, allowing you to pick and choose what is best for you. If you want to teach a lesson around the vocabulary for food, there will be 10 different activities and ideas for you. If you want to focus on developing an awareness of phonemes then there are 10 ways for you to do this. 10 ways are better than one!

7- ETpedia suggestions allow you to easily create what you need

The flexibility of the ETpedia series means you do not need to follow a rigid lesson plan that has been provided or plan a lesson to follow a rigid set of rules. Instead, you can adapt the ideas and activities to suit your needs, your learners and your preferences. You can structure a lesson plan around different ideas in the book or adapt an activity to incorporate several different things.

8- ETpedia is a time saver for busy teachers

Teachers are always under pressure and are constantly on the lookout for new ideas, and solutions to their teaching questions. ETpedia provides everything you need in one place, which saves you a bunch of time.

9- ETpedia follows an 80/20 rule

Roughly 20% of the content in all of the ETpedia titles is focused on methodology and explaining why you do something, whereas the other 80% is focused on the practical side. ETpedia aims to be the practical resource that covers everything you need in a useful and accessible format. Each book is ‘a one-stop treasure trove of ideas’ (EL Gazette) designed to support you and your learners.

10- It isn’t just limited to the books- the ETpedia website and blog are also here to support you!

Our blogs offer you 10 tips from teachers around the world from their areas of expertise. You can take a look for example at ‘10 key qualities of a primary school teacher’ or ‘10 ways to teach English through musichere. We don’t just write publications ourselves, we also need your contributions as you are the experts here too! Let us know if you have created your own 10 ideas at the back of each book as it may then feature on our blog. Don’t forget to also follow us on social media to see the latest news, competitions and exclusive offers! 

The original ETpedia offers 1000 tips for English language topics. The other resources each offer you 500 ideas on a different area. If you teach English for use in the workplace then take a look at ETpedia Business English, or if you teach children aged 5-12, then ETpedia Young Learners is the ETpedia for you. ETpedia Materials Writing supports all ELT teachers in creating their own materials, whilst ETpedia Technology looks at ways to use technology to support your students’ learning. You can find out which is your ETpedia here.