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Which ETpedia is yours?

ETpedia is all about saving you time.

Each ETpedia is divided into units containing 10 bite-sized tips to give you real practical help with planning and preparing for your lessons. The list format makes it easy for you to find exactly what you’re looking for, when you need it – leaving you more time to reflect, develop, and focus on your teaching and students.

Try ETpedia’s format for yourself. Take a look at our sample pages from each title below.

From young learners to business English, there's an ETpedia for you.


1,000 ideas for English language teachers

Author: John Hughes

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ETpedia Young Learners
500 ideas for English teachers of young learners

Author: Vanessa Reis Esteves

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ETpedia Technology
500 ideas for using technology in the English language classroom

Author: Nicky Hockly

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ETpedia Business English
500 ideas for Business English teachers

Authors: John Hughes and Robert McLarty

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ETpedia Materials Writing
500 ideas for creating English language materials

Authors: John Hughes and Lindsay Clandfield

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ETpedia Exams
500 ideas for preparing students for EFL exams

Authors: Louis Rogers, John Hughes, and Vanessa Reis Esteves

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ETpedia Teenagers
500 ideas for teaching English to teenagers

Author: Edmund Dudley

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ETpedia Grammar
500 ideas and activities for teaching grammar

Authors: Ceri Jones and Daniel Barber

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ETpedia Management
500 ideas for managing an English Language school

Authors: Fiona Dunlop, Keith Harding, Robert McLarty

Sample chapters coming soon

ETpedia Vocabulary
500 ideas and activities for teaching vocabulary

Authors: Stacey H. Hughes, Fiona Mauchline, Julie Moore

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ETpedia Teacher Training
500 ideas for teacher training in English language teaching

Authors: Beth Melia-Leigh and Nicholas Northall

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