On Saturday 24th June, the ETpedia team took part in ETp Live! 2017, the annual ELT training conference held by English Teaching professional in Brighton. The conference was attended by around 70 teachers and teacher trainers and featured over a dozen well-known speakers and a number of exhibitors including Pearson, Nat Geo Learning and Trinity.


The programme was jam-packed with seminars and workshops which aimed to cater to the developing needs of students, clients, trainees and staff in these changing times. Attendees were also asked to enter a competition that involved submitting a teaching tip for a new teacher, giving advice on how to plan original, fun lessons and engage with students. Below are the 10 best tips from the day:


Things will go wrong: have a couple of go to, low prep activities to hand just in case

Charlotte, Brighton 


Sense of humour and enough sleep

Elizabeth, London


Don’t get too hung up on ‘right’ and ‘wrong’. - encourage creativity, individuality and experimentation and enjoy the versatility and novelty of the language with your students.

Maya, Bristol


Remember, keep learning…



Always have back-up materials – especially if using technology. Listen to what students want and understand what works for them. Keep learning - from other teachers, students and go to workshops and days like these!

Filomena, Southend-on-Sea


Plan your lessons well and smile x

Jane, Sicily


Noticing is learning. If you work with young learners, just pretend you didn’t catch a word properly. Kids repeat a word until it’s clear, they notice and they learn.

Erica, Milan


Enjoy your teaching!

Jill, London


Always check with the 3,2,1 strategy: 3 things learnt, 2 things you could do better, 1 goal for the future.

Erica, Milan


If you are teaching adults, be prepared to learn more from your students. Keep an open mind. They have much to teach us.

Shanthi, London